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Anna Dravland had the worst headache of her life. Carrying on through the searing pain in her head, Anna set out, walking to work. It was 2017 and she was 34 years old.

Her day stopped suddenly when she collapsed in the middle of the street. Anna suffered a massive stroke that nearly took her life. She woke up three days ... Read More

Left or right, Dad? Left. Up or down? Down.

The ornaments were laid out on the tray table in front of my father. As I picked each one up, I’d ask him where we should put it.

This is the first tree my dad and I have decorated together in at least 25 years. I was 21 and he was 58. Both ... Read More

I’ve talked a lot about my mom over the last ten years. The falling apart and the coming together and what God can do to mend fences, and the way he changes my rotten wood attitude before he hammers in that first nail.

This weekend, I got to visit my dad.

Five years ago, my dad had a stroke that left him ... Read More

My dad had a stroke in the summer of 2016. For more than a year, he’s been a resident of an assisted living home. It’s a lovely place, but my heart hurts because I know that isn’t where he wants to be.

I got to return to Wisconsin to visit him a few weeks ago and was delighted to see that ... Read More

I went to visit my father recently. He had a stroke about 9 months ago and is now a permanent resident in an assisted living facility. He hasn’t yet regained the use of the right side of his body, so he relies heavily on my step-mom and his nurses to tend to his every need.

Every several months I have the ... Read More

I took a knee next to my father’s wheelchair. “Dad, I’m heading to the airport now. I’ll be back in a few months. Anything else you need to tell me?”

My dad had a stroke last June and last week I was able to make my third trip back to Wisconsin to see him.

Each time I go, there are big improvements. ... Read More

Pain and joy exist simultaneously. I’d say I wish it weren’t true. I’d say I wish I could just have the joy without the pain, but then I guess the reverse would also have to be true.

I’d have to accept the pain without the joy.

Where would that have left me during my breast cancer diagnosis? Where would that leave you ... Read More

“This needs sugar!” a woman barks from the table behind me. A nurse gently tells for the 10th time, “I already put sugar on it for you, Alice.” “Well it doesn’t taste like it!” her surly charge growls.

“Help! Help! Help!” the woman two tables away shrieks. The first time I heard it, I was shocked when no one jumped up ... Read More

I’ve entered an alternate reality. I’m supposed to be surrounded by children right now, warm sunlight on my face, as the smell of hamburgers wafts from the grill nearby. That’s what summertime is about.

Instead, I’m surrounded by old people, under the cold glow of florescent nursing home lights, with a mixture of chemical cleaners and bodily fluids assulting my senses.

It’s ... Read More

My dad and I got into a loud disagreement when I went to see him last week. I’d call it a fight, but knowing my dad, he would say it was more of a passionate discussion.

He wasn’t feeling well and (in my opinion) was a little crabby. I was sore and tired from a 10 hour car ride with three ... Read More