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When I first started writing this “Kindness is Contagious” column nine years ago, I misunderstood what “weekly” meant.

The publisher said, “It’s a weekly column.” I heard, “Write it when you have something to write about.”

I asked readers to send in their stories of kindness, but I quickly learned to become an investigator of kindness in my own life so I ... Read More

I’m starting to wonder how much snow a person can handle. I think my personal limit is about 2 inches.

If there has ever been a question about my level of kindness when it comes to snow, let me say, I’ve got lots of room to grow.

My 15-year-old daughter is outside clearing the driveway. I thought about helping her and then ... Read More

I feel sorry for people who live in warm climates. They never get to experience the incredible kindness that comes in the middle of a massive snowstorm.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, my family drove from Aberdeen, S.D., to Moorhead, MN., for my husband’s basketball game. A friend let us stay at her house while she was gone for the weekend. Our little ... Read More

I know kindness is contagious because I’ve witnessed it in action time and time again. Hundreds of stories from readers like you have solidified my belief that kindness goes around and comes around much more frequently than we could imagine.

Sometimes, we do an act of kindness that prompts someone else to “pay it forward.” We never know where the kindness ... Read More

My brother and sister-in-law love to snowmobile. I’ve never really gotten the whole winter sports culture, but I’ve heard you can’t mock what you haven’t tried, so I’ll assume there is something awesome about it.

They tell me on a good day, the restaurant parking lots in northern Wisconsin are empty of cars but full of snowmobiles. It all just sounds ... Read More

My kids are on their third snow day in a row, in a week that leads directly into a 4 day weekend. So, let’s see… since last weekend, it’s gone like this:

Saturday – off

Sunday – off

Monday – school

Tuesday – off

Wednesday – off

Thursday – off

Friday – off

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