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I’ve changed my mind. I don’t want to be Mister Rogers when I grow up.

I still have his mug on my desk and his picture on my wall, along with King Friday and Daniel Tiger.

I still share the core values he lived.

I still long to grow stronger in the things he was so naturally good at like humility, gentleness and ... Read More

Have you ever had to sell yourself? Maybe in a resume? Or face-to-face with a perspective employer?

We’re expected to brag about all the great attributes we hold and accomplishments we’ve accrued.

It’s terribly hard, isn’t it?

I remember going into my boss as a young TV reporter and asking for a raise. He asked why I thought I deserved it. My mind ... Read More

I didn’t think time travel was possible until I was sitting at a track meet the other night. It was my daughter’s very first meet. I thought it would be my very first meet too.

I was told ahead of time that it would be a test of endurance — not for the student athletes, but for their parents. In anticipation ... Read More