I’ve changed my mind. I don’t want to be Mister Rogers when I grow up.

I still have his mug on my desk and his picture on my wall, along with King Friday and Daniel Tiger.

I still share the core values he lived.

I still long to grow stronger in the things he was so naturally good at like humility, gentleness and curiosity.

I just don’t want to be him anymore.

You see, if Mister Rogers and I took every personality test on the planet, we would come up opposites. I’m a 7, he’s a 1. I’m an Activator, he’s an Ideation.

I used to wonder how I could become quieter, more inquisitive, but watching his movie last night I realized something. I’m not meant to be Mister Rogers. I’m meant to be me.

How about you? Have you ever looked at a friend or colleague or mentor and thought, I want to be like her? Maybe it’s a favorite speaker or celebrity (in that case choose Brené Brown and Sandra Bullock).

The thing is, when we do that, we are discounting the special mold God made when he made us. It is unique and individual. It is one of a kind. Seriously. Think about that. There is only one of you anywhere! That’s sort of magnificent and magical when we stop to ponder that truth.

So why live out someone else’s life? Why strive to be someone outside of who you were created to be? Yes, we can all grow stronger in certain areas and develop the best version of ourselves, but we will never become someone else, because that’s not who we’re meant to be.

The world needs you, my friend. The world needs your special brand of love that only you can give. Don’t hide it away waiting to be someone else.