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I talked with Max the other day. You know, Max, right? Pastor, author, Fixer Upper alum. More than 154 million copies of his books sold globally. That Max.

Some people like to call him by his full name, Max Lucado, but I prefer to keep our relationship casual.

He asked me to send him some copies of my book, so I’ll probably ... Read More

Before my dad had a stroke, he loved verbally jousting. Politics and policies and people, my dad had an opinion and he enjoyed hearing what other people thought about those subjects too. It was like his own version of sudoko, it kept him mentally sharp.

One day, shortly after I had rediscovered a relationship with God, my dad hit me ... Read More

Eyes closed, body still, a mild breeze brushed across my face. My mind floated back in time. I could see myself standing in my backyard, pushing my kids on the swing.

“Momma, how do we know God is real?”

The question seemed to pop out of the sky.

“We can feel Him.” How could I put this concept into words a child ... Read More