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I’ve got a project staring me in the face. Do you have any of those? Maybe it’s a closet that needs reorganizing or a deck that needs to be stained or a pile of garbage that needs to be cleared away.

Every time you look at them, they are asking you to pay attention to them.

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Have you seen the #WeRemember video from @TheSocialCoUK? If you do nothing else today… no shower, no making of the bed, no brushing of the teeth… do this one thing. Watch the video.


SHARE A BIT OF POSITIVITY TODAY #WeRemember 🌏Amid all of the chaos created by Coronavirus on a global scale, we wanted to create a video of ... Read More

I’m a project starter. How about you?

A project starter is a person who gets all excited about cleaning her closet. She throws everything onto the bed and sorts through it by making three piles (give, save, toss).

She puts the “give” and “toss” into black garbage bags, then walks out of the room because she decides she is hungry.

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