I’m a project starter. How about you?

A project starter is a person who gets all excited about cleaning her closet. She throws everything onto the bed and sorts through it by making three piles (give, save, toss).

She puts the “give” and “toss” into black garbage bags, then walks out of the room because she decides she is hungry.

Several hours later, she returns to her room ready for a good night’s sleep, only to realize she can’t go to bed because the entire thing is still covered with clothes that need to go back into her closet.

The black garbage bags will continue to sit on the bedroom floor for at least a week, at which point she will have forgotten which was “give” and which was “toss.” She has no choice but to open them up and rummage through them once again.

Can you relate?

If you come to my little lake cabin, you will find 10 boxes of lights that I had planned on stringing along the porch. I was so excited when I found them on sale. I made a special trip to the cabin just to deliver them. Those same boxes have been sitting in the exact same spot on the shelf for four months. I barely even notice them there anymore.


Do you have any of those not-quite-finished projects around your house?

I’m so grateful that God is not like me. He doesn’t begin this magnificent creation called “Nicole” or “Liz” or “Jessica” and then just leave it half-way done.

No, we are assured in His word that He’s going to slowly and surely keep at us until we are the real deal.

Here’s what Paul told the Philippians: “And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.” Philippians 1:6 (NLT)

I think we can get wrapped up in guilt, thinking we should be a little kinder to people or a little stronger in our faith or a little more whatever.

God knows we’re weak, and just like those lightbulbs can’t put themselves up, God knows there’s much we can’t do for ourselves. But we have an advantage over those lightbulbs, because we know the One who will lift us up and make us shine is working it all out in His perfect timing.