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I got to speak for the first time in Aberdeen last Friday. The place was packed with new friends, and as I stood there, I felt grateful.

At the end of my talk, I asked if anyone wanted to share their own story of kindness. A woman named Liz raised her hand. (For the record, I think her name was ... Read More

Need a little patience? Me too! Charlie and I are in LA. I’m antsy to tape an interview on The Home & Family Show (it airs on The Hallmark Channel Tuesday, Oct 9th at 9am/10am Eastern). Charlie just wants to ride roller coasters NOW! What do you do when you’re forced to play the waiting game?


I’ve been praying for years that God will help me develop more patience. Can I just say, be careful what you wish for? It has occurred to me that God is developing my muscle of patience by actually forcing me to flex that particular muscle. He apparently wants me to be an active participant in my growth, although I’ve told ... Read More