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I saw a really cute free-standing shelf and chair the other day that I knew would fit perfectly in my podcast studio. Unfortunately, they were not the perfect fit for my car.

I reclined seats and pushed aside bags, but could not get the pieces to even wedge through the door. That’s when I remembered my car is a convertible! That ... Read More

I was lying next to my teenage daughter last night talking about life. We chatted about moving and finding new friend groups and how some high schoolers are really kind— and how others are not.

“Someday their mirrors will become windows, Mom.” she finally said. Her comment floored me. She wrapped up everything I try to teach about kindness in ... Read More

Bravery is such a slippery concept. Sometimes we think we have tons of it, and then we face a chance to flex and instead we back down.

Other times we are sure we can’t possibly be brave enough to face a situation until we have to actually walk through it. And then we do.

I saw my kids exhibit such immense bravery ... Read More

Hey. I’ve missed you.

It’s been a whirlwind few months on my blogging sabbatical. Let’s see… I moved from Ohio to South Dakota, made 3 friends, filmed an episode of House Hunters (it airs in 6 months), signed up for a pole dancing class (I kid you not) and wrote a book (it’ll be out in the Fall of 2020).

Now ... Read More

I’m about to go dark on you. Not dark as in a trench coat, heavy boots and lots of black eye liner. I’m about to say goodbye.

Okay, that was a touch overly dramatic of me. Let me try again. I’m going to dedicate this summer to writing a book that will be released by Baker Publishing in 2020. I’m going ... Read More

You know what’s better than one third-grade boy in the back seat of your car? Three third-grade boys in the back seat of your car.

In the course of a 15-minute ride, my son Ben will ask at least 150 questions, including, “Mom, does Area 51 really exist?” “Mom, do you think there will be flying cars in my lifetime?” “Mom, ... Read More

I bet you’ve heard the quote, “Make new friends but keep the old; one is silver and the other’s gold.”

I can’t really divide my friends into silver or gold status. I’d say they’re all platinum.

Our family has been ridiculously, crazily, super-spoiled with our new friends in Athens. They love us well and make us laugh. Hopefully we do the ... Read More

Two years ago today I was sitting in a Fargo cafe with my bestie eating a decadent chocolate torte with tears streaming down our faces.

Don’t let our cheery smiles fool you. We were both absolute wrecks. I was moments away from packing up my minivan and moving 16 hours away.


One year ago, I was in Athens nervously awaiting test ... Read More

Editor’s note: Nicole Phillips will continue to write her column after she moves in May to Ohio with her family.

My family is about to go through a period of major upheaval.

My husband, as many of you know, is a basketball coach and most recently got to run all over the court in pure unbridled joy after the North Dakota State ... Read More