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Saul is a college basketball coach. He came home from practice the other night, and as usual, called out, “Hellooooo!” as he opened the door.

As usual, he dropped his work stuff on the floor and headed straight to the kitchen.

After he got some food in his belly, he returned to the couch, as usual, and opened his computer.

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Does anyone else feel like marriage is a tricky thing during COVID-19?

I say that only sort of jokingly. My husband and I had a conversation the other day about how different our daily interactions are with each other. Normally, as a college basketball coach, Saul is on the road recruiting or heading to away games. I spend a lot of ... Read More

I’m a sucker for a Hallmark movie. Love is in the air when the owner of a small-town bakery falls for the big-city developer who intends to shut her down, but then has a change of heart and sweeps in to save the building from demolition. Somebody hand me a bucket of popcorn and a hot cocoa.

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Saul and I were just a couple of young pups, sitting across from the pastor, jumping through the appropriate hoops so we could get married in this church.

Premarital counseling was going pretty well. We seemed to have all the right answers, until the wide chested middle-aged pastor in cowboy boots asked us our mailing address. “3621 River’s Edge…” I recited.

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Thursday, August 13, 2015. This is going down in the books as the day my husband first saw the results of my mastectomy. It’s been four weeks and two days since the surgery.

I, myself, went from refusing to look at the wounds to staring in fascination at the flat spot and incision line where my breast used to be.

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I was sitting on the beach in my little chair looking at my phone. All of a sudden I looked up and saw this…

My husband of 15 years and my 11 year old daughter, both with their hands on their hips, waiting to catch the next wave. My heart swelled and I thought, “I love that man.”

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There are upsides to cancer. Lots of them, if you’re willing to stop thinking about all the bad things that could happen and start thinking about all the good things that are happening.

Here are a few I’ve noticed:

My family has never eaten so well. Friends have brought over a variety of meals, my Aunt Mary (known for her cooking expertise) ... Read More

On Monday, my husband and I will celebrate our anniversary. The fact that we’ve been married for 13 years kind of blows me away.

In my mind, I’m still 28, so that would mean I got married when I was 15. Can you see how the math plays tricks on me?

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