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I’m a project starter. How about you?

A project starter is a person who gets all excited about cleaning her closet. She throws everything onto the bed and sorts through it by making three piles (give, save, toss).

She puts the “give” and “toss” into black garbage bags, then walks out of the room because she decides she is hungry.

Several hours later, ... Read More

You know that thing that happens where people complain obnoxiously loud about something just so they can be relieved from their duties? Eventually someone else steps in and says, “Here, just let me do it.”

My kids are pros at that. They know if they fumble around long enough with my glass pitcher while they’re unloading the dishwasher, there is a ... Read More

Saul and I just bought a fixer-upper lake house. We envision long, lazy summer days filled with sounds of laughter and the splash of water as our children jump off the dock.

We knew going into this project that there would be no early morning fishing or late night marshmallows until we put in quite a few hours of sweat equity ... Read More