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I like to dream big. Really big. This used to confuse people in my household.

For instance, I went to LA for work last February and weeks before I left, I declared I was going to win a car on The Price is Right. My family reminded me of the odds of getting on stage and then of actually winning a ... Read More

I’m back. The suitcase is unpacked. The mail has been sorted and the gas tank is full so I can resume taxi driving duties for my children.

I was on a 14 day book tour from Fargo to LA. Okay, actually it was Fargo and LA, but since they were back-to-back, it sounds more fun to say Fargo to LA, ... Read More

Need a little patience? Me too! Charlie and I are in LA. I’m antsy to tape an interview on The Home & Family Show (it airs on The Hallmark Channel Tuesday, Oct 9th at 9am/10am Eastern). Charlie just wants to ride roller coasters NOW! What do you do when you’re forced to play the waiting game?