I’m back. The suitcase is unpacked. The mail has been sorted and the gas tank is full so I can resume taxi driving duties for my children.

I was on a 14 day book tour from Fargo to LA. Okay, actually it was Fargo and LA, but since they were back-to-back, it sounds more fun to say Fargo to LA, right?

I’m trying to break it all down in my head and pull the nuggets of wisdom I’ve been given before they evaporate, but it’s hard. It’s like having a great beach vacation and then getting home and forgetting what the ocean looks like.

I want to remember all the colors, all the sounds, all the people and all their stories.

Like Cassie. She’s a freshman in high school and after I spoke at her school, her dad drove her nearly an hour to my book signing. I got to hear about Cassie’s life and what she hopes for in the future. Just before she left, she said a girl who’s been picking on her pretty regularly in school apologized that day.

Kindness works.

And my friend, Andrea, who spent hours in the freezing Fargo weather to help abandoned dogs find new homes. As much as she wishes she could personally save each one, she has to rely on the help of others.

Kindness is a team effort.

And the hosts of the Home & Family show, specifically Debbie, Cameron and Lawrence. They are indeed physically stunning, but when they began sharing their stories of kindness with me, they radiated breath-taking beauty from the inside.

Kindness makes people shine.

I guess the one overarching theme of the whole two week span (and all the months leading up to it — thank you Kindness Team for your amazing effort), is this:

Kindness matters.

Go about your day, let it be normal, average, regular… but when you feel that ping in your heart to do something even a little bit kind, go for it. Because kindness definitely matters.