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I am staring down six weeks of calendar chaos. Ever been there?

It’s the middle of the basketball season, which is its own beast when you’re a coach’s wife. We’ve been doing this for 18 years now, so I sort of know what to expect — which is, you never know what to expect.

It’s not basketball, it’s actually the other ... Read More

About a year ago I told you I was starting a running program. My daughter wanted to run a half marathon and she wanted me to do it with her. If you are a parent, you know that when your teenage daughter asks you to do anything with her, you say yes.

I said yes, and got off to a roaring ... Read More

You’ve been on my mind. I’ve been wondering what it is you’re hoping for, and I’ve been hoping you’re living like you’ve already gotten it.

Last June I entered a contest. It’s for writers. We submit a cover letter and a true story with the hopes of being chosen to attend a free conference this October where we learn the art ... Read More

Hello from LaLaLand! In place of my usual blog post, I’m going Vlog — the video version! Check out Jordan’s interview on the Hallmark Channel USA on Home & Family this Wednesday. We’ll be talking about Cozys for the Cure!


It was three years ago this May that I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I went in for a routine checkup on my 40th birthday and left with a calendar full of followup appointments in hopes of pinning down an exact diagnosis.

That day sent our entire family and our circle of friends into a whirlwind of pain, but also ... Read More

I was about 11 when I started wearing makeup. Full on, entire lid covered, bright blue metallic eye shadow. My girlfriend and I wore it day and night for three weeks before our jazz dance teacher told us we couldn’t come back to class until we had agreed to a costume change.

After that, I was big into wearing anything I ... Read More

Back when my now-teenage daughter was 7 or 8, we got to experience the grand tradition of Girl Scout cookie sales.

I don’t know how it works these days, but back then we had to estimate how many cookies we could sell and then order them in advance. Jordan has always been a go-getter and this experience was no exception. She ... Read More

I can’t believe we’re here. Last year at this time, I felt called to begin the New Year by renewing my mind.

I wanted to do that by memorizing short scriptures that would be my go-to mantras in times of trouble.

One year later, we’re at the end, Week 52.

I’ve learned some things about myself this year, like I’m terrible at memorizing.

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“I’m not proud of my daughter.” That’s a stupid title, right? Of course I’m proud of my daughter.

It’s just that when people say, “You must be proud” (which they say quite often right now thanks to Walmart carrying her product), I feel something else.

It’s not exactly pride. It’s something deeper. I feel… gratitude.

That’s it. Not pride. Gratitude.

In each 13-year-old girl’s ... Read More