I can’t believe we’re here. Last year at this time, I felt called to begin the New Year by renewing my mind.

I wanted to do that by memorizing short scriptures that would be my go-to mantras in times of trouble.

One year later, we’re at the end, Week 52.

I’ve learned some things about myself this year, like I’m terrible at memorizing.

On nights I couldn’t sleep, I’d lay in bed and and start mentally pulling out these verses, seeing how many I could remember without turning on a light and looking at my list.

I found I got to about ten before my memory began giving out on me. The good news is, ten verses was about all it took to calm my mind and ease me back to sleep.

I hope you’ve found comfort in God’s word this year. Reflecting on what God has said through various prophets and disciples is powerful. Committing it to memory so we can use His words to replace negative lies from the enemy is crucial.

My teenage daughter posted a scripture on instagram that is serving as our final Memory Verse.

“God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him.” John 3:17 (NLT)

If you haven’t memorized a single verse this year, no judgement. If you’ve walked farther from your faith instead of closer, no judgement. If you are in the midst of making decisions that are leaving you broken, no judgement.

Jesus is coming back. In that time, there will be judgement. But not today. Today, He just wants you to get to know him. He wants you to turn to him and trust him. He wants us all to admit we are sinners, believe that God sent Jesus to pay the penalty for that sin, and confess that Jesus is our Savior.

If this New Year your soul is urging you to get to know God better or to go deeper and commit His word to heart, maybe our first Memory Verse will be a blessing to you. It’s the one we started the year with 52 short weeks ago:

God bless you in 2018, my friend. May it be filled with kindness and signs of His love.