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Megan Murphy lives with open hands. Instead of clenching her fingers around her stuff, her ideas, her time, she greets people palms up, freely giving what she can to help another along the path of life.

Isn’t that a beautiful way of living?

Certainly there are rocks along Megan’s path, but most of them are colorful and filled with inspiring ... Read More

Taffy. That’s what my brain feels like every time I spend any time with James David.

James is an illusionist, and he’s a good one. I’ve seen seven-foot college basketball players scream like 2nd graders after James has made a card appear in a hat across the room or left an imprint on one of their fingers.

It’s wild.

My brain can’t wrap ... Read More

I was lying in bed like a starfish this morning. My mind had clocked in for the day, but my body was all… nah.

My thoughts were chasing squirrels all over the room until they somehow landed on what I now call my “Trifecta of Inspiration.” Has a nice ring, doesn’t it?

Mister Rogers, Dolly Parton and Joanna ... Read More

I am the person advertisers are targeting when they cast miniature horses and cute puppies in their ads. I should not be allowed to watch TV. I’m a total sucker. Don’t believe me? Ask me what I did over the Christmas break.

Dollywood. I threw my family in the car and drove 6+ hours to Dollywood.

It started late last Monday. I ... Read More