Taffy. That’s what my brain feels like every time I spend any time with James David.

James is an illusionist, and he’s a good one. I’ve seen seven-foot college basketball players scream like 2nd graders after James has made a card appear in a hat across the room or left an imprint on one of their fingers.

It’s wild.

My brain can’t wrap itself around the tricks happening and neither can anyone else’s. We find ourselves wondering if this magic thing is actually real.

Like all awesome things, they become more awesome when we share them with others.

That’s why James combines his talent for trickery with his love of sports by offering team-building and emotional intelligence training. He’s worked with teams like the Portland Trailblazers, UCLA Bruins and the Ohio University Bobcats. 😉

Here’s what he has to say about what he does:

“Whether I am on stage performing levitation or am on the street challenging people’s reality; I demonstrate and teach everyone how to make magical moments for people in their own life.

My brand of ‘Meaningful Magic’ utilizes the principles of servant leadership to inspire, inform, and motivate audience members to reconnect with people; to make a meaningful impact on the lives of others.”

Check out this video (and others on youtube by typing in James David Simple Acts of Magic):

And then listen to Episode 24 of The Kindness Podcast on itunes, google play or NPR, where James talks more about the magic of kindness and gives us a tip for increasing our own emotional intelligence with what he calls the “What’s up?” moment.

Keep an eye on his website, jamesdavidmagic.com, for information on the upcoming release of his new book on emotional intelligence.

And finally, may we always remember the real magic in life is in the power of one act of kindness to reroute a bad day.