If you have 60 seconds, click on this video. I want to show you something…

The little girl in the video is Jordan. The mom is me. For those of you who know us, you know those aren’t our actual faces, but it is our actual story.

Several months ago the Susan G. Komen headquarters called and asked if they could feature Jordan’s Cozy’s for the Cure story in a public service announcement. “Sure,” I said. “That be great!” Then I quickly slid it to the back of my brain. Moved on with life.

The first time I saw this video, I cried. Like, for real. Big tears streaming down my face.

The second time I saw it, I cried again. Hot mess.

The third time, still crying.

I’m on my 487th time of watching it (well, almost) and I still find my eyes leaking.

This video (which will be played on American Airline flights– how cool is that?!) exemplifies exactly what I want everyone to know about the journey of cancer.

Pain and joy exist simultaneously.

That little girl silently slipping into the bed and the momma throwing the covers over them? The giggling followed by tears? That was us. A thousand times, that was us.

There is something so painful and raw about cancer, yet it’s filled with moments of intense joy. Kind of like life.

This video happened because a whole bunch of people supported Jordan when she tried to support me. $5741 doesn’t just fall out of the sky. Saul and I can’t write a check and create a sense of accomplishment in our daughter. She got that through you.

img_6214Because of this video, Jordan and I got to speak to groups in New York City and Indianapolis. We got to tell them about the beauty that comes from the ashes. Thank you.

Jo is still sewing and still raising money to help women in Southeastern Ohio. Last night (Oct. 5, 2016), she hit the $10,000 mark for her two years of combined fundraising. Her goal is to raise $11,482 by November 1st.

If you want to make a donation and get a cozy of your own, follow this link. Thanks to the generous CEO of Kent International (who heard Jordan speak in NYC and then gave her a bike to give away!), everyone who makes a $50 donation or makes a purchase through our 31 fundraising party will be entered in a drawing to win a special edition Susan G. Komen bicycle or a $100 cash prize.img_6383

And hey, if you’re looking for a mother-daughter duo to speak at your next event, we’re free! Especially if that event is in Hawaii… it’s getting cold in Ohio.