Have you ever had one of those nights where you’re almost asleep and your mind floats off and you’re sort of dreaming your way into blissful unconsciousness? Then all of a sudden those random thoughts form a real thought and BOOM! you’re wide awake?

I asked my daughter if that ever happens to her and she said she’s been known to float off to sleep grateful her homework is done and then thoughts form about a big project that’s due in three months. All of a sudden a random thought turns into a “wide awake in the middle of the night” concern.

Ever been there?

I get angry at those thoughts because they steal my sleep — and nobody messes with my sleep.

The other night I was lying in bed drifting off when I began thinking of a woman and her children who need help. I started having imaginary conversations and formulating solutions to their plight.

The thing is, not every commission is our mission. In the light of day, I know I’m not the one who is meant to help. (Side note: did you catch that? Even when you love kindness, you have to back away sometimes.)

I was frustrated my mind wouldn’t let go of an issue I’d already put to bed. In exasperation, I blurted out to God, “This is not my problem. This is your problem. So will you please take this off my plate? Now!”

I gotta admit. I was a little sassy and demanding with God, but He can handle it.

I immediately felt peace. I have to believe the enemy was trying to fill my mind with thoughts that God and I had already decided were not part of my current assignment.

Sometimes real problems that need real solutions fill our minds and wreck our sleep. But sometimes they’re potential problems or somebody else’s problem and we need to let go.

When your mind begins tangling around itself in the middle of the night or in broad daylight, do yourself a favor and step back. Think about what you’re thinking about. Is it worth your time and energy? Is this the appropriate time to wrestle with the issue or should your mind be on your work? Or on your sleep?

When you can’t let go on your own, grab on to the One who holds you and ask Him to babysit your thoughts for a while. You never know, He might just take them for good so you can get some rest.