I read something the other night that was darn near perfect. A women named Roxan took everything I’ve ever felt about kindness and put it onto electronic paper. It’s the yummiest thing I’ve read about kindness in a long time and I wish wish wish I’d have written it myself. I don’t know Roxan, but a lot of people do. She goes by @spiritual_af on instagram. I took a shot and sent her a message last night to ask if I could share her words. She responded in a flash and said yes. So here you go. Happy Monday morning. Now that we know what kindness is and what kindness isn’t, let’s go do that. -Nicole

“Kindness isn’t a pat answer to all our problems. Kindness isn’t about always being ‘nice.’ Kindness is bravery. Kindness takes inquiry. Kindness is speaking up when there’s a wrong you can right. Kindness is gaining control of your mouth. Kindness is getting clear on who you are and what you stand for. Kindness is getting quiet and facing yourself. Kindness is getting quiet and listening to others. […] Kindness is learning the difference between your thoughts and yourself. Kindness is looking for the undercurrent of things and working on that instead of reacting to the screaming chaos of humanity. Kindness is realizing that being of service is a power position. Kindness is letting yourself cry. Kindness is letting others cry. Kindness is letting yourself laugh and letting others laugh. Kindness is letting people just enjoy what they enjoy and quitting all this judgmental bullsh!t. Kindness is smiling at strangers on the street. Kindness is never ever telling anyone else to smile on command. Kindness is dismantling white supremacy. Kindness is dismantling the patriarchy. Kindness is starting with yourself and working from there, one breath at a time, one action at a time even if you f@#$ up or fall down. Especially if you f@#$ up or fall down. The other sh!t will keep spinning. Kindness will give you solid ground.” -Roxan