My seven-year-old son crawled into the chair next to me yesterday morning. It was early, I was spending some time with God, but Ben decided he wanted to spend some time with me.

We sat there, the three of us (God, Ben and me), in one comfy little chair with a blanket tucked around us when Ben asked me a question.

Mom, why don’t miracles happen anymore? Why don’t they happen now like they used to happen way back in the Bible?

I caught myself without words. I wasn’t quite sure where to go with this one and I wanted nothing more than for God to say, “Scoot over. I’ve got this.”

And in a way, I guess that’s what happened. Because before I had even formulated my entire argument, my mouth started talking.

They still happen, Ben. All the time. Every day. But people often focus so much on the bad stuff that they can’t see them. Or we end up giving credit to the wrong person. We think science or technology created the miracle instead of God.

My son was intrigued by that answer, but not quite sure if it was true. So I pointed out one of many miracles in our own lives that he could certainly remember.

Ben, when Momma had breast cancer and then it got fixed, it would have been easy to say that the doctors did it, that God had nothing to do with it, right?

But what about Dr. Peggy? If she hadn’t found the cancer, you would have a very sick momma right now. I think it’s a miracle that she found it when nobody else had.

God works through people every day. People who know Him and people who don’t. And those are called miracles.

My conversation with Ben popped into my head today when I started focusing on this week’s memory verse. Here it is: “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.” Psalm 56:3 (NIV)

Our brain has to make a choice. Either we believe God still works miracles in our lives or we don’t. Which side of the fence we sit on with this issue determines whether or not we have the power to endure when the fear comes.

When I am afraid, I don’t want to hope that the doctor got good grades in college, or that my home security system will actually work. I want something more than that. I want the God who parted the Red Sea to rescue me.

When we believe that God still exists and that He is still as powerful now as he was back in biblical times, we know that whatever comes next, He will, in one way or another, be working a modern-day miracle in our lives.