Last night, Saul and I did something we’ve never done before… get your mind out of the gutter. This is a family blog.

We got a babysitter, got all dressed up, and went to The Pink Tie Affair, which was put on by the Ohio University Interfraternity Council. They served us dinner, made us feel like total celebrities, and then invited us to tell our breast cancer story– together.

When Saul is asked to speak, it always has something to do with basketball. That’s his specialty. I’m the one who gets to talk about things like kindness and lately, cancer. Standing up there on the stage behind the podium, I felt like Linus must feel with his blanket. I was looking out at 100 college students, but I was holding my husband’s hand. And I thought, This is AWESOME!

Basketball season is starting and Saul will be on the road as much as he’s home (okay, that’s an exaggeration, but sometimes it feels that way). I was given a precious pre-season gift last night, a date night. It means more than any date night we’ve ever had, because instead of going to a movie and seeing someone else’s happy ending come to life we were reminded of our own. We did it. We made it. We can do hard things. Together. FullSizeRender 10