It’s time to set your VCRs! Kindness is heading to LA, Baby!

I have my outfits all picked out, now if I can only get my mouth to cooperate with my mind. I’m in Los Angeles for two TV appearances this week.

On Tuesday, Nov. 12th, I’ll be on the Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family show (9am Central/10 Eastern) and then that same day I’ll be on KTLA-TV’s Morning News at 11:45am (that’s 1:45pm Central/2:45 Eastern. Check out my mad math skills).

Why watch both, you ask?

On the Home & Family show I’ll be giving you an awesome idea for an inexpensive but totally amazing Christmas gift to give to your family or friends.

On KTLA, I’ll be talking about how to nix the negativity in your life. If you’re not in the LA area, You’ll be able to find it live online at (I think).

I’m looking forward to bringing back all kinds of kindness stories for you and maybe some not-so-kind but totally hysterical ones, too. The last time I was in LA a man waved at me frantically through the window of a coffee shop and then smiled and gave me the bird.

Stay tuned!