Do you believe the world is a better place because you’re in it? I mean do you truly believe that?

I think it’s dangerous to see ourselves as just another bulb in a string of lights wrapped around a Christmas tree. We think, “If my bulb goes out, no big deal… the other bulbs will keep the tree beautiful.”

But that’s not really true. In some strings, when one bulb goes out, the whole line goes out. Or the one bulb that goes out happens to be right where our eyes land when we look at the tree.

It’s September. I’m done talking about Christmas lights.

How about we talk about the super adorable string of party lights my husband hung for me at our little lake cabin? They’re out on the back porch.

I stole a few hours to sit out there by myself this weekend. I was praying and preparing for the ten days I’ll spend speaking in Fargo later this week.

I began to feel overwhelmed. The messages I was preparing didn’t seem extraordinary or even worthwhile. I began to wonder if maybe my words didn’t need to be spoken at all.

Then I looked at the string of lights.

If even one of those bulbs were out, I would notice. It would bother me. I would work to fix it, because the string is calming and lovely and fun because all the bulbs are doing their part.

It’s the same with you and me. This world is beautiful because you’re in it; because you show up every day and let your light shine.

Your light doesn’t need to be the same size and shape and color as everyone else’s, it just needs to be available to light the area around you.

The world is a better place because you’re in it. It’s time to believe it.