I don’t love social media.

If anyone from my kindness team is reading this, they are rolling their eyes right now, because that statement is a massive understatement.

I love having real conversations with real people, but anything over a computer feels a little forced to me. (Can you tell I was born before home computers were a thing?)

I used to hop on, post something to hopefully make someone’s day a little better and then scan the first five posts on my feed.

Usually I don’t even know the first five people in my feed. Isn’t that strange? It’s my social media page, filled with my “friends” and I don’t even know the people who are posting.

Anywho, I don’t love social media. But I do love puppies!

That’s why anytime I’m on social media, I make it a point to find the Fabulous Doodles.

I usually find the Fabulous Doodles on Instagram. I don’t know much about them, but the account is run by two humans who live in Sweden. They originally had three super funny fully grown GoldenDoodles. But then the girl doodle got pregnant and had … wait for it … NINE ADORABLE PUPPIES!!!! I’ve been watching them grow as if they are my nieces and nephews. A strange obsession, but it makes me happy.

And it changes my mindset so I can go back to other people’s posts with a new attitude.

Today I’m hoping to give you a little inspiration to find the happiness in the midst of what you don’t love.

Don’t love paperwork? Use a pen with colored ink. Or one of those pens where the person gets naked when you turn the pen upside down. Whatever it takes, right?

Don’t love watching football with the family? Get a new outfit. Watching the Packers is way more fun when I’m wearing my gear. I sort of feel like I belong on the field. At least until half-time. Then I’m off to watch Hallmark movies.

Don’t love social media? Find the puppies. Or whatever it is that makes you smile.

Once you’ve reset your mind to that particular project, it makes it a whole lot more enjoyable. For me, it changes my outlook so I can look at the task through a new lens. All of a sudden, I’m engaged, interested in what other people are posting and prayerful about what they might be going through. I get excited about the comments people leave and enjoy having a quick exchange of ideas.

The puppies get me ready for the people.

Find your puppies. Or whatever it is that makes you smile.