My friend, Mary, called the other day with a brilliant analogy. “Friends are like jeans,” she said, “some are just so comfy.”

I can’t get that out of my mind. Since I’ve moved to Athens, I’ve been able to see so clearly how every friend I have or have had is like a pair of jeans.

Mary’s the red pair. They never go by under the radar, but gosh, they are so fun to wear!


I have skinny jeans: I’ve gotta be in the right mood to wear those… Vintage jeans: I’ve had them since 3rd grade… White jeans: You have to be really careful when you wear those… Jeans that used to be my favorite but sadly my body has changed and they just don’t fit right anymore… Dressy Jeans (which my friend Andrea swears is an oxymoron, but fits my analogy quite well!)… and those soft, relaxed, perfect fit jeans that have been covered in wine stains, cigarette burns and mud, but still feel so good to put on.

Gosh, it makes me weepy to write this, but I think I’ve left all of my jeans in Fargo.

So, tonight, I’m going to do what I hate most. I’m going to go “jeans” shopping at the home of a woman who has invited me over for a girls’ night out. I’d rather go into my closet and just pull out the perfect pair, but instead, I will be brave, talk to a lot of people I don’t know and trust that God has already picked out all kinds of great jeans in just my size.

I bet if you look hard enough, you’ll see that He’s picked out lots in your size, too. Take a minute and tell me about your favorite pair of “jeans.”