When it comes to inviting people into my home, I need to get over myself, how about you? This week on The Kindness Podcast, I talk with Sue Donaldson, an expert on hospitality.

Sue obviously didn’t say, “Hey, Nic, you need to get over yourself,” but she did remind me that hospitality and humility go hand in hand. As Sue says, “It takes humility to offer what you have, when you feel like what you have isn’t enough.”

Sue shares the top three reasons people give for not entertaining in their homes, and I am a little embarrassed to say that I have used all three excuses.

Sue’s book, Come to My Table, was a great encouragement to me a few years ago when I needed to hear that it’s important to invite people into our homes, even if the only edible thing we can cook is microwave popcorn.

I know you’ll love Sue and benefit from her words of encouragement and tips for successfully loving other people well. You can listen to Episode 25 of The Kindness Podcast for free on iTunes, Stitcher or NPR.

I hope you’ll also check out Sue’s website for timely, tasty recipes and her beautiful blog at WelcomeHeart.com.