We can stare at the major issues in this world — hunger, poverty, violence — and feel like we’re looking into a black hole. Then that terrible question pops into our heads, the one that threatens to derail us from doing good and paralyzes us into doing nothing at all.

How could anything I do make a difference?

Krysten Case fights off that mentality as she fights human sex trafficking with her own personal mantra: one drop in the bucket. She continues to add one drop of love, one drop of kindness, one drop of support to those who have been victimized and she’s doing it one piece of jewelry at a time.

Krysten makes beautiful jewelry by hand and sells it on Etsy. She then gives the money to Freedom a la Cart, an organization out of Columbus, Ohio that gives survivors practical job training and a safe place to heal. Krysten says for her, it’s not about the money, it’s about the conversations that are started when someone says, “Oh I like your necklace!”

Krysten shares her passion for the cause in Episode 23 of The Kindness Podcast and reminds us that each drop in the bucket does indeed make a difference.

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