I did it! I kept my feet moving in a fast-paced back and forth motion for 10 whole minutes!

If you don’t understand why this is a big deal, then you are clearly an elite athlete. Congratulations.

As I was driving to the running trail yesterday, my mind was at war. “What am I doing? This is dumb. I should wait. What if it hurts? My goal is 5 minutes. I can do 5 minutes. But what I rip open my mastectomy? Ugh! I have to at least try.”

About 30 seconds into my run, my girlfriend (a long-distance runner) called.

Her: What are you doing?

Me: (panting) Running.

Her: That’s awesome! On a treadmill?

Me: No. Outside. The noise is me wheezing.

Her: How far are you running?

Me: 5 minutes.

Her: That’s great! But I challenge you to 10. I know you can do it!

Me: (more panting)

Her: And hey… just so you know, I remember my first mile better than I remember my first half-marathon. You’ve got this…

I hung up and thought of her words of encouragement. Isn’t that the truth in life? Getting started is sometimes the hardest part. You have to be brave enough to step out into the unknown, bold enough to cross over the threshold that says, “I can’t.”

Now that I’ve crossed that threshold, I know I can. And whatever lies in front of you, I know you can do it, too. That’s my encouragement for you, today. Just in case you needed it.

I will always remember my first mile… and the call that kept me going.