What I could spend $1900 on:

542 gluten-free cupcakes

126 self-help books

40,500 Advil tablets

678 gallons of gas

7600 meals at the North Dakota food bank

What I will spend $1900 on:

The removal of 1 breast.

Saul and I actually had a lot of laughs last night talking about how rude it is that I would have to A) Fight cancer and B) Pay for it.

I guess we could laugh about it because we have insurance. The hospital bill pre-insurance (not including any doctors’ fees) is $64,783.53.


Sometimes thoughts and numbers are so big, I can’t even get my mind around them.

I could write endless blogs about how fortunate I am to live in a place with amazing medical facilities, have a husband with a great job, and the gift of good health insurance, but sometimes it’s fun to take the darker road.

So after we joked a while about what a kick in the teeth it is to have to pay medical bills, Saul, as always, brought us back to the bigger picture. The surgery worked. The cancer is gone.

So I guess in that regard, I have to agree with him. Whether it would have cost us $1900 or $190,000, it is definitely money well spent.