What does one do when one is going to get a body part cut off the next day?

Hmmm… well, here’s what I did.

  1. Pray.
  2. Drink Coffee, eat toast and then feel like you might vomit b/c you ate food.
  3. Hire someone to clean your house. (Thank you Bonnie & Debbie! You are the BEST!)
  4. Get a massage.
  5. Become a total DIVA and get your hair done (which a very nice salon may do for free because you are getting a breast cut off the next day).
  6. Drive around town in your convertible, singing Christian songs loudly with tears streaming down your face, and totally ruin your new hair do.
  7. Go grocery shopping– but only for healthy foods so you can organically clean your body and convince it to heal faster.
  8. Buy a very large Java Chip frappuccino from Starbucks. The organic healing doesn’t need to start until tomorrow.
  9. Try one last time to convince THE JAMES to let you have a double mastectomy. No dice baby.
  10. Go home and write thank you notes, answer texts & emails, return phone calls and pay bills.
  11. Sit on the kitchen floor and sob b/c it finally hit you that you have cancer. Then thank God for reminding you how much He loves you.
  12. Put together IKEA furniture.
  13. Eat Thai takeout and then feel like you might vomit b/c you ate food.
  14. Write this blog.
  15. Pray.
  16. Go to bed.

Saul and I have an early wakeup call. We need to be at THE JAMES tomorrow at 8:30AM (that’s 7/14/15). I’m hoping to be sent home to recover by Wednesday afternoon.

Thank you to all of you who have loved me from near and from far. I cannot even express how grateful I am for your kindness.