I wanted to give my children something really valuable for Christmas this year. I wanted to write down why I love them so they will always remember.

I thought this would be an easy gift to give, but in writing this letter to my children, I’ve discovered it’s really difficult to put into words why you love someone. It’s way more difficult than running to the store and picking out a present, but it’s also way more important. Here is the letter I have written this Christmas to my children:

Dear Jordan, Charlie and Benjamin,

I’ve told you before I’m lucky to have you. I tell you each day I love you. I tell you often I’m proud of you. Today, I want to tell you why.

God created each of you to fill a special purpose in this world. He created you just the way you are, because you are that important. Daddy and I can’t take credit for creating you, we just get to take care of you. Boy did we get lucky when God chose to give you to us.

You are nice kids. You are thoughtful kids. You are smart kids. In my opinion, you are the best kids a parent could have. Even though you are the children and I am the parent, in many ways, you are the teachers and I am the student.

Jordan, I don’t think I’ve ever told you this before, but I wish I could be more like you. You are so very, very kind. Even when I’m acting ugly, running around the house throwing a tantrum because something didn’t get done fast enough, you show me kindness. When my patience runs short and my temper runs high, you are always ready to throw your arms around me and force me to stop and feel your love. That is an amazing gift. You’re 7 and I’m almost 37 and you’ve already figured out how to hold it together better than me. Joey, you are going to go very far in this world, because you love so deeply and are able to show that love so easily.

Charlie, you are the happiest 6 year old on the planet. As long as there is an ice cream cookie nearby, or the opportunity to talk about roller coasters, you are all smiles. Your daddy is an upbeat guy, but you are so full of sunshine, you can even make Daddy look stormy! You brighten my day with your funny faces, silly dances and contagious giggles, but my favorite thing about you is that you remind me to quit worrying about my agenda and giggle with you. You are going to have a great life because everyone loves to be around a person who can make them smile.

Benjamin, being 1½, you’re too little to understand this now, but pretty soon you won’t be. After having Jordan and Charlie, Daddy and I had to think for a long time about adding to our family. I think we were worried that we wouldn’t have enough love for another child. What we didn’t understand is that you brought more love with you into this world than we could ever need in a million lifetimes. You have taken our happiness and multiplied it, just by being you. You, Little Man, remind me each day to take things slowly because life moves so fast. Each day you are learning another word, another gesture and another expression. I am grateful that I get to be the one to see you grow.

Jojo, Charlie, Ben … Every single day I pray that God helps me to be the mom you deserve, because you do deserve the very best. I am so thankful to be able to call you my children. I love you. I hope now you know why.





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