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My daughter wants me to run a half-marathon with her. Not just any race, she wants to run the Walt Disney World half marathon. I suppose since she’s 13, she will want me to pay for it too.

It all sounds a little goofy to me. (I’m sorry. I just couldn’t resist.)

I told her that as a 42-year-old non-runner, there ... Read More

I’m about to share one of my not-so-great parenting moments. I’m pretty sure I’m at fault, but I refuse to ask the experts because I’m afraid of the verbal lashing I’ll get. Luckily, the kindness and common sense of a stranger kept my kids from any real danger.

Last January, I decided to be a brave mom and I took my ... Read More

I’ve been taking my kids to Disney World since my first born was four months old. Crazy? A little. Only other “Disney Families” will understand the draw. You either love it or you don’t. We love it. However… it’s not always a magical experience.

Last February, while Saul was up to his eyeballs in basketball, the kids and I hopped ... Read More