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Sometimes, when I’m feeling down, I sit very still and make a mental list of all the amazing acts of kindness that are happening not despite COVID-19, but because of it.

People are going out of their way to add color to the world. Just look at all the hearts in the windows!

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I’m on a little fishing trip with my 8 year old and we had an interesting conversation about exact change that led me into thinking about kindness.

And here’s Ben’s big catch…

Have you ever been on a reality show? Me neither, but now I can say I’ve come awfully close.

Saul and I had the unique experience of spending the last nine months with a woman from Ohio University named Hailee Tavoian. The words “strategy” and “advancement” and “marketing” are all in her title, but big words scare me, so I don’t ... Read More

Well, ready or not, here it is: the first photo of my breast cancer journey! (Yep, you’re about to see a naked picture of my cancery breast.)

CBS’s InsideEdition.com asked me to do an interview on how I found my breast cancer. They also asked if I could share a few photos with them of myself and my family. ... Read More