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Have you ever stopped to think about what you’re thinking about? If not, I challenge you to check in with yourself periodically today and do a spot-check. What am I thinking about at this exact moment?

My guess is that it falls into one of three categories: Hurry, Worry or Jury.

Hurry is that do-list constantly running through our heads. As soon ... Read More

I live in a house. It’s a beautiful house. It’s a house I could never have dreamed of living in when I was a child.

As a kid, I lived in duplexes and apartments. When Saul and I got married, as soon as we could afford it (okay, maybe a little sooner), I insisted on living in a house. I wanted ... Read More

Hey YoungLife Friends! Here’s a great verse to use when worries begin closing in. I memorized it so I can run it through my mind over and over again when I feel dark or negative thoughts closing in.

May God illuminate all the silver linings in your life! -Nicole

“Whatever is TRUE, whatever is NOBLE, whatever is RIGHT, whatever is PURE, whatever ... Read More