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A funny thing happened while I was carefully planning out my life: my husband nearly delivered a baby in a blizzard.

There I was, talking with my work team about how to remind people of the power of kindness. Should we order new stickers? How about pens that say, “Kindness is Contagious”?

Nope. Let’s just send Saul out in a snowstorm.

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I feel sorry for people who live in warm climates. They never get to experience the incredible kindness that comes in the middle of a massive snowstorm.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, my family drove from Aberdeen, S.D., to Moorhead, MN., for my husband’s basketball game. A friend let us stay at her house while she was gone for the weekend. Our little ... Read More

I know kindness is contagious because I’ve witnessed it in action time and time again. Hundreds of stories from readers like you have solidified my belief that kindness goes around and comes around much more frequently than we could imagine.

Sometimes, we do an act of kindness that prompts someone else to “pay it forward.” We never know where the kindness ... Read More