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The Bible tells us not to fear something like 365 times— one time for every day of the year. Some theologians argue that’s not exactly true, but it sounds good so I’m going with it.

Actually it doesn’t really matter to me exactly how many times we’ve been told. I’m a mom, so I figure if I’ve said it once, that’s ... Read More

Do you care what God thinks about your behavior? Or do you feel like he’s let you down one too many times and you’ve earned the right to make your own decisions without his pesky guilt trying to trip you up?

The funny thing about God is if you ask him to leave you alone, he usually will. I’ve seen plenty ... Read More

Saul and I were just a couple of young pups, sitting across from the pastor, jumping through the appropriate hoops so we could get married in this church.

Premarital counseling was going pretty well. We seemed to have all the right answers, until the wide chested middle-aged pastor in cowboy boots asked us our mailing address. “3621 River’s Edge…” I recited.

The ... Read More