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Have you ever seen one of those funny sentences where all the letters are jumbled and yet you can still read it?

It’s amzanig rlealy hw teh hmuan brian cn d0 tht!

Except when you don’t want it to happen…

I was on Day 3 of handing out kindness tokens when I was talking to my friend, Paul. You might know him as ... Read More

If I only sat down at my computer when I had something to say, I would never sit down at my computer.


I blog on Monday and Thursday mornings, so sitting down at my computer is kind of essential.

At approximately 6:53AM twice a week, God hears the exact same prayer. God, what do you want me to tell them? I don’t ... Read More

Life sure is messy, isn’t it? We hurt ourselves, we hurt each other… sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. Have you ever noticed there seem to be two camps of thought when it comes to sin?

Either you mosey on over to stand with the group who shrugs and defensively argues: “Everybody else is doing it” and “You should see what that person ... Read More