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I am staring down six weeks of calendar chaos. Ever been there?

It’s the middle of the basketball season, which is its own beast when you’re a coach’s wife. We’ve been doing this for 18 years now, so I sort of know what to expect — which is, you never know what to expect.

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It just occurred to me I haven’t written in weeks. Well, I have written, I just haven’t written this blog.

Wanna hear all my awesome excuses?

School got out and I forgot what day of the week it was.
And I went on long bike rides with my kids.
And I built a second home at the baseball fields.

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My kids are on their third snow day in a row, in a week that leads directly into a 4 day weekend. So, let’s see… since last weekend, it’s gone like this:

Saturday – off

Sunday – off

Monday – school

Tuesday – off

Wednesday – off

Thursday – off

Friday – off

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