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I am a rule follower. It makes me very nervous when someone uses a discount card that doesn’t belong to them or parks in an area that is designated for a specific business.

I do like to speed, but that’s another story.

My friend, Amanda, is also a rule follower. We both know that sometimes we need to bend a bit more ... Read More

Jason Kotecki is an artist and a speaker and (as evidenced by his blog below) a gifted writer. His jam is teaching people how to fight “adultitis” — that version of adulthood that says we have to be serious and play it safe and follow a bunch of made up rules. That’s a lesson I’m taking to heart, and I ... Read More

No electronics in the bedrooms. No shoes on in the house. Bedtime is 8:30.

I love rules. Perhaps I’m a control freak, but rules make me feel safe. Yes, I certainly have the better end of the bargain because I’m the one who gets to make up the rules, but for the most part everybody seems to agree they are here ... Read More

Why do I do this to myself? I could have said no. Why didn’t I say no? They’re going to eat me alive!

My introverted self is verbally attacking the ambitious dynamo part of my personality. You see, go-getter me signed up for something that is now making me a little sick to my stomach.

I often feel like I am two ... Read More