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I interviewed Jason Mraz for “The Kindness Podcast” last week about his new album coming out in June, “Look for the Good.”

When I asked him to share one story of kindness that really affected him, he went back decades, to the beginning of his career. He told me about being a starving musician and about the ... Read More

I think we’ve all witnessed people with bad behavior. I’m not talking about personal choices, I’m talking about treating someone poorly.

It turns my stomach to see someone hurting someone else with their words or actions. Many times, there is nothing we can do in the midst of the situation, but as this woman from central Wisconsin demonstrates, there is plenty ... Read More

Twenty-one years ago, I met a woman with a beautiful face and an even more beautiful spirit.

Her name was Kelly Roarke and she was Miss Rhode Island 1997. I was Miss Wisconsin at the time and we became friends on the stage of the Miss America pageant.

I haven’t heard from Kelly in years. I get to see updates on Facebook, ... Read More

When we talk about feeding the hungry, we usually talk about feeding people who literally don’t have enough to eat. There are kids in my area who grab a bag of chips from the convenience store because it’s cheaper than buying a sandwich and an apple. It’s also cheaper than paying for the school lunch if they don’t quite qualify ... Read More

How is it that things can look so drastically different based on our ever-changing outlook?

Like the little park bench that’s tucked along a pebble path and surrounded by colorful blossoms. It looks so quaint and inviting, until that becomes the place where your boyfriend chooses to dump you.

Then it looks rusty and worn out and covered in bird poop.

Some things ... Read More

I ordered chicken tenders at the pool last summer for my kids. We are clearly not foodies (or we wouldn’t have ordered chicken tenders in the first place), but this meal was inedible. The poor little freezer-burned then overcooked nuggets barely resembled food.

My kids were disappointed, but happy to eat french fries for lunch, so I let it go. I ... Read More