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The books on display at airport stores always catch my eye. They are the most important books. At least that’s what they seem to proclaim. They are the best-sellers, the ones everyone is talking about. The ones you better read if you don’t want to miss out.

I hope my next book will be one of the loud, important books everyone ... Read More

My husband is not a reader. Unless you count ESPN.com or a variety of online news sources, he pretty much goes for human interaction before settling into a good book.

He has been known to read the atlas in the bathtub, but since that’s mainly pictures, I’m not sure it counts.

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When Mr. Rogers was a boy and terrible things would happen around the world, his mom would tell him to look for the helpers. Instead of focusing on the destruction, she encouraged him to look for the good — for those people who were moving forward in kindness.

Fred Rogers took that message with him into adulthood where he shared it ... Read More

It’s a touch quieter than normal in our house this year. For the first time in my career as a mom, all three of my children are in elementary school. Jordan is a big kid this year; she’s in sixth grade. Charlie is in fourth grade, and little Ben is in all-day, every-day kindergarten.

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The night before we got the final pathology report, I laid in bed and prayed. “God, chemo or no chemo, whatever needs to be done, I accept it. I will trust in you and your plan for my life. But please, God, let me read to the kindergarteners this year. That’s all I want. Please just let me read to ... Read More