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Have you ever gone viral?

Me neither — unless you count winning a car on “The Price is Right,” but that’s not really fame as much as it is a quick brush with fortune (until we had to pay taxes on the car I won).

My friend Don Carter has gone viral. Back in 2017, he met a woman working at a ... Read More

How is it that things can look so drastically different based on our ever-changing outlook?

Like the little park bench that’s tucked along a pebble path and surrounded by colorful blossoms. It looks so quaint and inviting, until that becomes the place where your boyfriend chooses to dump you.

Then it looks rusty and worn out and covered in bird poop.

Some things ... Read More

They say when it rains, it pours. That can be true in trials, but in my life, I’ve found that it’s also true in kindness.

In times of trouble, the smallest act of love is amplified. A note in the mail, a phone call or a text message can go far in lifting someone’s spirits. I still remember the gigantic card ... Read More

I recently received an email from a woman who wanted to give me $1,000. No joke. She had $1,000 to give away, and she wanted to give it to me!

Every year, Bell State Bank & Trust gives their employees money to give away in a random act of kindness. This year, the business added a twist and another layer to ... Read More