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The resilience we’ve each had to learn through COVID will be a tool we rely on for the rest of our lives. That’s certainly one benefit of the last few months.

One more benefit I’ve seen is the realization that little things really do matter. I used to get caught up in the hustle, and sometimes I still do. More often, ... Read More

I’m terrified to have large groups of people in my house. Small groups are fine, but a guest list over six gives me the cold sweats.

I love people, but I love them more one-on-one.

I don’t worry about the prep work. The cooking, cleaning, that’s all fine. I make the kids do it. Joke! That was a joke!

I don’t worry about ... Read More

I remember having two birthday parties as a kid. My family lived on a little farmette with horses, and my dad had a friend who was a clown (doesn’t everyone’s dad have a friend who is a clown?), so when I turned 6 years old, every kid in town came to my house to celebrate. There were yard games and ... Read More

It occurred to me WAY too late that I should probably wear a costume to the kindergarten Halloween party this afternoon. Thankful for the Phillips’ males in my life: Little Ben gave me his treasured cheesehead, Charlie fished out his favorite jersey and Saul’s closet produced a pair of Zubaz from the 80s…

I’m a little disappointed that I ... Read More