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I know there are kind people all over the world, but there are certain things that come across my computer that leave me thinking, “That could only happen in North Dakota.”

Or maybe it’s a small-town thing. I don’t really know, but isn’t it nice to hear that goodness still exists in our communities and people will go out of their ... Read More

Our lives often intersect for a reason, but isn’t it amazing when we they do, and we actually notice?

Two men, one from Twin Valley, Minn., and the other from Loveland, Colo., have never met in person, but their paths crossed 20 years ago, leading to a beautiful act of kindness today.

Here is their story:

“In October 1998, I was traveling to ... Read More

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Only what if it wasn’t meant to be trash in the first place? Is it then called finders keepers? Not when kindness is involved.

A woman in Ohio named Jessica was doing a little de-cluttering when she mistakenly put her daughters’ savings bonds and some family photos into the recycling pile. She hadn’t even ... Read More

I am about to rat out my fellow columnist. In a good way, of course.

Bob Lind has been writing the Neighbors column in the Fargo Forum since before I was born.

Just kidding.

But he has been writing it for quite a while, right around 20 years in fact.

His words introduce us to the people, places and things that are right under ... Read More

When I was in kindergarten, we had a whole lesson about what to do when you find a lost wallet. We acted out make-believe scenarios in which one of us would be the person who drops the wallet, one would be the person who finds it and another would be the officer at the police station. Funny, we never talked ... Read More

You know what I love about this time of year? The Hallmark Channel. I can sit for hours watching cheesy holiday movies.

They usually involve some small town charm and an act of kindness that probably wouldn’t ever happen in real life. Or maybe it would.

This story from Teresa Braaten of Wyndmere, ND reminds me that every so often, Christmas miracles ... Read More

Have you seen it? Have you seen the video from the marketing agency in Canada asking its citizens to tell America why it’s great? I thought it had to be a sham. My normally trusting nature became skeptical. Then I watched the video. I looked into the eyes of those Canadians, and I thought, “They like us! They really like ... Read More