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I learned something recently about my 13-year-old son. It turns out the tough guy has a deep streak of nostalgia.

Charlie spent the first 10 years of his life in Fargo. At the end of second grade, we moved him to Ohio. Five years later, we’re back in the Dakotas, this time in South Dakota. Charlie has been asking me since ... Read More

“Once a Lion, always a Lion. Come back and visit us anytime.” Those are the words the principal of my kids’ school said the day we left Fargo.Once a Lion, always a Lion.

We lived in north Fargo, so two of my kids had the privilege of going to Longfellow Elementary. They were Longfellow Lions, and according to Mr. Henrickson, the ... Read More

Do you want to know what terrifies me? The thought of 350 children in a gym with me in charge.

That is exactly the scenario I was faced with a few weeks ago at Longfellow Elementary in Fargo.

The principal called and asked if I would be willing to speak at an all-school assembly on the importance of kindness. I was so ... Read More