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I often forget what a tough spot my kids are in each day. I send them off to school and ask them to be kind, but sometimes that gets confusing.

When the teacher is talking but a friend is trying to get your attention, what is the kind solution? When you’re trying to do your work but a classmate has a ... Read More

My friend who is a teacher showed me a very funny poster. It has pictures of two owls. One owl is looking wise and well-tailored in his round glasses and cap. The other owl looks like a deranged lunatic with a torn shirt and frayed feathers.

The caption on the poster says, “Teachers at the beginning of the school year” and ... Read More

Dear Winter,

We need to talk. This letter has been a long time coming. I know I should probably be doing this in person, but it feels like every time I step outside to talk, you try to freeze me out.

We’ve had some some good times together, haven’t we? Remember those 47 days my kids got off of school? Making snowmen… ... Read More