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When I was in kindergarten, we had a whole lesson about what to do when you find a lost wallet. We acted out make-believe scenarios in which one of us would be the person who drops the wallet, one would be the person who finds it and another would be the officer at the police station. Funny, we never talked ... Read More

My little girl’s shoulders slumped as she got in the minivan. “The whole team was invited, Mom. I was the only one not included.”

Seventh grade is hard. I know, I did it once. I’d go from elation to desperation and back again in five minutes flat. My poor parents.

Later that night, with Jordan’s wounds fresh on my heart, I was ... Read More

I wish I could bring you into my son’s kindergarten classroom. It’s a happy, colorful place where little people are learning big things, like how to read and count to 100, and lead with kindness.

They are learning those things thanks to two special adults who have more patience in a pinky than I have coursing through my entire body. One ... Read More