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Being in South Dakota means I get to be surrounded by wide-open spaces. Most of those spaces are fields that grow the food my family and I so often take for granted.

But not today. Today I am grateful for the woman who sent in this story, who has spent countless hours working in the bubble of a combine harvester to ... Read More

Have you ever leaned into someone during a challenging season in that person’s life?

Did you deliver a casserole or a plate of fresh-baked cookies? As the recipient of both casseroles and cookies, I can tell you they hit their mark and remind us we’re not alone in our suffering.

Kindness is healing, because when we need a friend, we ... Read More

I lost my dear friend, Tom, just before Christmas.

He was in his late 80s and his quality of life was diminishing, but even so, it’s hard to say goodbye.

One of the great gifts of these past six months was the amount of times I was able to visit Tom and his wife, Ann. My family’s move from Ohio to South ... Read More

Do you ever wonder if your kids or grandkids are going to turn out OK? I’ve spent more hours than I can count worrying about what my kids eat (or refuse to eat).

I try so hard not to micromanage them, but gosh it’s hard. When we’re away from the dinner table, I wonder if they’re reading enough. Should we be ... Read More