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My past week:

Tuesday: Arrive at the hotel in Cleveland and set the kids free in the pool while trying to stomp down the anxiety of beginning another season of March Madness as the wife of a Division 1 basketball coach.

Wednesday: Text the friend I met several years ago in another tournament. Her husband was a coach too. Now he is ... Read More

I feel like I’m standing in line, waiting to ride the world’s best rollercoaster. Later this week, I’ll pack up the family and we’ll head to Cleveland for the MAC tournament. For my non-sporty friends, that’s our conference basketball tourney. If our team wins, the Bobcats will head to the NCAA tournament. (That’s the big leagues, non-sporties.)

Saul’s teams have been ... Read More

I’m putting the Open for Business sign back in the window. Two weeks ago, I left Internet Land in hopes of clearing out some of the negativity that was threatening to suffocate me. You know that boa constrictor song from music class? I’m being swallowed by a boa constrictor… oh no, he swallowed my toe… oh gee, he’s up to ... Read More